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To Your Health Newsletter

November, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 24)
Why Every Day Should Be Bring-
Your-Chiropractor-to-Work Day

You're at home on a Wednesday for all the wrong reasons. Rather than enjoying a midweek vacation day, your painful back is confining you to the bed or couch, with just about every movement eliciting pain. What if you could be back at work and out of pain – working hard to get ahead so you could truly enjoy your time off when you choose to take it, not when your bad back makes you take it?

Good to Be Flexible

Are You Stretching the Wrong Way? Try the Right Way

Multivitamin Supplements to the Rescue

Keep Breast Cancer From Returning

Achieving Fitness Goals

Money Motivates (Especially When You Risk Losing It)

Pediatric Corner

Does Bottle-Feeding Your Children Too Long Make Them Fat?

Could Exercise Be
Back Pain's Kryptonite?

Nearly eight in 10 people would rather try nondrug pain-relief options before prescription pain medication. (Chiropractic would be a great option, of course.) And to reduce pain intensity (or perhaps even prevent it from striking in the first place), particularly with back pain, try exercise. Here's why.

4 Ways to Help Keep
the Holiday Pounds Off

Thanksgiving is here and a full array of end-of-season holidays are right around the corner, promising a month or more of cheer, good will toward all ... and plenty of opportunity for gorging. Here are five ways to help keep the pounds off this year while still enjoying your favorite holiday foods.

Healthy Weight,
Healthy Knees

You might not be all that surprised to learn that obesity can contribute to knee pain, strains and other problems. But did you know obesity can lead to even more serious knee problems, including vascular damage that might result in amputation? Let's take a quick look at the research.

Omega-3s for PTSD?

Omega-3 fatty acids: a potential future treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder?

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

How can you reduce stress at this time of year, much less year-round? The answer is simple.

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