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Neck Injury in Attleboro, MA

Have you suffered a traumatic injury that has left your neck sore, hurting, stiff, or otherwise worse off than it was before the Neck Injuryincident? Whether because of a car accident or severe sports injury, neck injuries can zap the neck and surrounding areas of healthy function, leaving many afflicted people feeling hopeless and in constant pain.

But at Miller Chiropractic Health Center, patients who've suffered a neck injury can find lasting reprieve from their pain symptoms as the Doctors of Chiropractic on-site nurse their ailing neck tissues back to health using gentle ergonomic techniques.

One of the most common neck injuries today is known as whiplash, which includes the neck's muscles and other soft tissues being hyperextended or hyper flexed to the point where surrounding intervertebral discs become damaged within the upper spine. This often occurs during car wrecks, as the neck muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the vehicle's occupants are twisted with unnatural, excessive force. This excessive stretching of the neck's soft tissues often tears them, sometimes to where they suffer permanent damage.

At Miller Chiropractic Health Center, even patients who have lost hope for their pained necks can find lasting answers after undergoing an initial chiropractic examination. This often includes a cranial nerve analysis as well as reflex and motor skill evaluations. A motion palpation assessment is also included, and measures both the mobility and pain response of the spinal joints affected.

Patients who've suffered whiplash or other serious neck injuries can often find symptom amelioration with these treatments:

  • Gentle muscle stretching and/or finger pressure applied to sensory trigger points
  • Heat/Ice therapies
  • Spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustment)
  • Range of motion exercises for improved neck muscle stability; these techniques can also help fix incorrect movement patterns in and around the neck

Patients who suffer from acute neck injuries typically only need between two to four weeks to heal, though instances of severe neck trauma affecting the spine's overall integrity and/or disc placement may need surgery.

For more information about Miller Chiropractic Health Center and why it's the place to go in Attleboro, MA, for all cases of neck pain and discomfort, give the office a call at (508) 226-2333 today.