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By Miller Chiropractic Health Center
January 16, 2015
Tags: whiplash  

If you've been in a violent car accident or a tough fall that has left your neck weak, sore, and diagnosed with whiplash, then you've got a problem - but not one that's too tough for an expert chiropractor!

That's because at Miller Chiropractic Health Center in Attleboro, MA, our chiropractic staff are armed and ready with gentle hands that are always calm, cool, and collected! Using relaxed techniques that soothe your symptoms, Dr. Miller will help you set aside your persistent and residual pain for a lifetime of improved wellness and fewer pain symptoms!

Whiplash is an injury to the cervical spine, characterized by the neck muscles and other soft tissues being hyper-extended by severe force. These tissues can become so stretched out that they tear and oftentimes become permanently damaged. Whiplash can also damage the intervertebral discs resting in the upper spine, causing them to bulge, tear, or even rupture.

Check out a few of the leading treatment options for whiplash below:

  • Muscle relaxation or stimulation therapies that provide gentle and enduring relief
  • Heat therapy
  • Ice therapy
  • Chiropractic spinal manipulation
  • Simple range of motion techniques that improve the stability of the neck muscles while undoing much of the soft tissue damage suffered during the whiplash-inducing injury.

Chiropractic care for whiplash begins with a chiropractic evaluation that examines whether the patient needs immediate hospitalization because of the damage caused during the neck-damaging injury. If the patient is determined to not be at-risk for further tissue deterioration, then the holistic healing of chiropractic care is ready to show you what it's like to feel good again.

If your neck is long overdue for your first chiropractic adjustment, then it's time to give Dr. Miller a call today at (508) 226-2333, and find out for yourself exactly what your tender neck's been missing!


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