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“My head is killing me!  I have had an achy pain in the back of my head for the past two weeks.”
Sound familiar?  If you have a headache, you are not alone.  Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches.  With some occasional, woman with headachesome frequent, some dull and throbbing, and some that cause debilitating pain and nausea, it is important to seek care for relief of your headache pain in Attleboro from Dr. Jason Miller. 
When to Seek Chiropractic Care From Miller Chiropractic Health Center
Everyone gets the occasional headache, but some headaches get so bad that they won’t go away.  While medicine often treats the symptoms, they often ignore the underlying cause of the problem.  The worst headaches can be slow to respond to the intended effect of the medications.  The stronger medications can also have a negative and long-lasting effect to the rest of your body when used for extended periods of time.  This is why many people finally decide to look to other, more natural solutions for their problems with chiropractic care. 
When we become stressed, frightened, or angry, the body will respond with increased muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, or head.  This reaction, often referred to as the fight or flight response, is how we respond to stress.  If stress becomes constant in our lives, that muscle tension seems to become just another habit.  This can lead to imbalances in the body, which then leads to more muscle tension and pain. 
With help from our Attleboro, MA chiropractor, Dr. Jason Miller, your tight muscles will relax and realign the spine underneath to end this pain cycle.  Those that are seeking treatment for tension headaches may often see a drastic improvement with just a few spinal adjustments as the nerves become less irritated and the muscles are more relaxed.
Migraines are brought on by changes in vascular flow, triggered by a variety of factors such as different smells, foods, weather, hormonal changes, and stress.  Recent studies have shown that chiropractic treatment may play a significant role in reducing the number of migraines a person has.  By careful manipulation of the neck and spine, chiropractic adjustments may be able to reduce irritation in the spine, preventing radiating or referred pain, and improving vascular flow. 
Chiropractic treatment centers on the idea of manipulating the spinal column and neck to improve posture and blood flow.  If you are a resident of Seekonk or Attleboro suffering from headaches, contact Dr. Jason Miller today for more information on how chiropractic care can relieve your headache pain.


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