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By Miller Chiropractic Health Center
August 01, 2018
Category: Chiropractor
Tags: Migraines  

Are you a migraine sufferer? Find out how chiropractic care could help you.

While everyone will experience a headache at some point during their lifetime, those who deal with migraines truly understand pain. migrainesMigraines are severe and often debilitating headaches that can also cause light sensitivity, auras, nausea, and vomiting. If you are having trouble getting your migraines under control our Attleboro and Seekonk, MA, chiropractor, Dr. Jason Miller, might be able to help.

While women are more likely than men to deal with migraines, this is a problem that both men and women of all ages face. Many migraines originate from the neck and the temples, causing stiffness that feels similar to a tension headache. Of course, since many migraines do begin at the neck, spinal adjustments (also known as spinal manipulation) can actually alleviate any tension or misalignments within the cervical spine that could be leading to your migraines.

How do misalignments cause migraines?

When the spine isn’t completely aligned this can cause irritation and inflammation within the nerves of the spine, as well as the surrounding muscles. If the misalignment isn’t corrected with chiropractic treatment then this could lead to pain, stiffness, and tenderness. This pain and stiffness may radiate to the neck, causing the tension that often leads to a vicious migraine.

Fortunately, by getting regular chiropractic adjustments it will not only reduce the severity of the migraines you experience but also the frequency with which you experience them. Along with spinal misalignments, another factor that could contribute to your migraines might actually be your posture.

If you are someone who sits at a desk most of the day then bad posture could very well be the reason for your migraines. Why? Being hunched over your desk staring at a computer screen all day can put a lot of stress and strain on the muscles of the neck and back, which can also lead to misalignments and migraines.

How can a chiropractor help you?

Our Attleboro and Seekonk chiropractic specialist wants to provide you with the individualized chiropractic care you deserve to improve your body and your mind. We know how tough migraines can be and our goal is to pinpoint the root cause and figure out the best way to eliminate them. Along with regular chiropractic adjustments we may also look into certain lifestyle modifications (e.g. diet, exercise, stress levels) that could also trigger your migraines.

We know how difficult living with migraines can be and we don’t want it to dictate your quality of life. It’s time to take action and call Miller Chiropractic Health Center in Attleboro and Seekonk, MA, today to find out how we can get you on the road to migraine recovery.


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