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Injuries to Look Out for on the Baseball and Softball Fields

Whether you play baseball or softball for fun or are part of a competitive team, you know that injuries are just part of the game. The sport can be hard on joints and muscles, but chiropractic treatment can relieve those aches and pains and help you get back on the field faster. Dr. Jason Miller, your Attleboro, MA chiropractor, shares information on common baseball and softball injuries.Softball Injuries

Strains and sprains

Strains and sprains often occur when you twist your body to catch a fly ball or slide into home base. When you stretch your muscles beyond their limits, tiny tears in the fibers occur, causing strains. Sprains occur when the ligaments that connect bones are injured. Strains and sprains can be very painful and limit your mobility and range of motion.

Tendinitis of the shoulder

This condition is particularly common in pitchers because they constantly move their arms over their heads when they pitch. The condition usually affects the bicep or rotator cuff tendons and causes pain and stiffness.

Torn rotator cuff

Torn rotator cuffs occur due to overuse of your shoulder muscles, weak muscles or bone spurs in your shoulder. You may experience pain or weakness when you lift or move your arm, and the pain may be worse at night or in the morning.

Runner's knee

Runner's knee causes pain around or behind your kneecap and usually happens if you tear cartilage, strain a tendon or irritate the tissues in your knee. If you have runner's knee, practically any type of movement causes pain.

How can chiropractic treatment improve my baseball and softball injuries?

When the spine isn't properly aligned, muscle imbalances can occur in virtually every area of your body. These imbalances may increase your chance of injury. Chiropractors use gentle manipulation to adjust your spine and balance your muscles. Chiropractic care also helps increase blood flow to the injured area, promoting healing.

Your Attleboro chiropractor offers a variety of treatments, in addition to spinal manipulation, that will reduce your pain and help your injury heal faster. They may include applications of ice and heat, electrotherapy, ultrasound and massage. Your chiropractor will also teach you a series of exercises that will strengthen and stretch the muscles you use to play baseball.

Do you have a baseball or softball injury, or are you interested in avoiding injuries this season? Call Dr. Jason Miller, your Attleboro, MA chiropractor, at (508) 226-2333 and schedule a consultation. Make chiropractic treatment part of your baseball and softball training regimen!

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